This blog isn’t really about me, so I thought I should provide a little background on who I am. You see, this blog is about the many amazing people I have had the pleasure of being related to, or just bumping into along the way.

I’m Erin Nixon – formerly Erin McKee, born 1982 – which apparently makes me just about Millennial enough to be acceptable to the hipsters, but old enough to nod along with the claims of the older generation about how entitled the youth of today are.

The first thing you should know about me is that I won the lottery of life with the parents I got. Nothing to do with me, but genuinely the greatest people in the world. And you will read much, much more about them – that’s where the majority of any form of wisdom comes from!

I have three older brothers – yes, I’m the baby AND the only girl. You know what that means – spoilt rotten and teased relentlessly, in equal measure! I think it balances out. Those guys rock too.

School and university (somehow) led me to the marketing world (somehow is in brackets as I didn’t study Marketing), and I’m still here, earning a living and learning a lot.

I followed my husband (kinda handy to do that) to the beautiful hills of County Down, and we have a little boy who we love so very much – you will see him appearing in this blog too – any excuse to talk about him.

I have always enjoyed writing – sadly for the last few years it became about work emails and marketing plans – and have threatened a blog for quite a while. Now that I have limited ‘me’ time (FYI, I’m not complaining) being a mummy in full time employment, I have finally updated this page – which is the hardest one to write – and we are LIVE!

Back to what this is all about – an appreciation of people I know and care for, and who, by an amazing turn of luck, like me back *

So be careful – if you are reading this and you know me, you could be the next topic. I can see you all scouring inspiring quotes on Google just to make sure those words of wisdom are front of mind when we next meet. Until then, thank you for reading.

*Optional, subject to Terms & Conditions

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