Have a good time

It's 7.15pm on New Year's Eve - and I have a glass of Prosecco (Tesco, no less) in hand. This is not because I am a hardened party-goer starting the fun early. Rather the opposite in fact - we have cracked out the bubbly because we know that making it to midnight to see in 2018, is... Continue Reading →


I hadn't really given much thought to 'resilience' until it was a topic of a recent leadership course in work. I'll admit that in the busyness of the week, and looming deadlines, it wasn't exciting me much and I wasn't feeling particularly, well, resilient. I was reminded by a colleague that this might in fact, be... Continue Reading →

The Invisible Thread

This is a story that many know well. If you are a parent in full-time employment you may not learn anything new, but we all need encouragement, right? I left a job and got a new one while on maternity leave. Looking back now, I'm not quite sure how that all happened. Getting dressed in... Continue Reading →

Starting small…

Hello. That's small - but significant. The first word we say to someone when we meet them - and who knows where that will lead. OK, that's as 'lifestyle blogg-ish' as it gets here! It's really not that kind of thing. There are enough ways we can feel inferior by professional mom bloggers and filtered Insta-lives.... Continue Reading →

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