Thrift rules

There are 2 types of people in this world - those who succeed at, and even enjoy, the process of finding amazing things in TK Maxx...and those who find the prospect of going to war with the red clearance rails nauseating and always disappointing. If you are the former, I bet you love a good... Continue Reading →

Welcome interruptions

I was 4 years old when I attended my first business meeting. I wasn't invited and had no formal part in the agenda, but I made a pretty memorable contribution, if I remember correctly. My dad often met with work colleagues in our home. Sometimes this was informal, though on this day, I remember everyone... Continue Reading →

Hand me downs

We all have that friend. The one who quite literally keeps a dozen plates spinning when prepping a last minute Sunday lunch for a casual gathering of 8, divided nicely up into 4 adults and 4 mini hurricanes wrecking the house around her. That person is Shirley (and I am lucky enough to have many others equally amazing at... Continue Reading →

Have a good time

It's 7.15pm on New Year's Eve - and I have a glass of Prosecco (Tesco, no less) in hand. This is not because I am a hardened party-goer starting the fun early. Rather the opposite in fact - we have cracked out the bubbly because we know that making it to midnight to see in 2018, is... Continue Reading →


I hadn't really given much thought to 'resilience' until it was a topic of a recent leadership course in work. I'll admit that in the busyness of the week, and looming deadlines, it wasn't exciting me much and I wasn't feeling particularly, well, resilient. I was reminded by a colleague that this might in fact, be... Continue Reading →

The Invisible Thread

This is a story that many know well. If you are a parent in full-time employment you may not learn anything new, but we all need encouragement, right? I left a job and got a new one while on maternity leave. Looking back now, I'm not quite sure how that all happened. Getting dressed in... Continue Reading →

Starting small…

Hello. That's small - but significant. The first word we say to someone when we meet them - and who knows where that will lead. OK, that's as 'lifestyle blogg-ish' as it gets here! It's really not that kind of thing. There are enough ways we can feel inferior by professional mom bloggers and filtered Insta-lives.... Continue Reading →

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